The 8 Biggest Shiitake Logs Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Is mushroom growing a complicated process? It is not a complicated process at all. You may sftimes have come across various steps while browsing online for guidance. Do not be intimidated. It might sound a bit confusing in the initial phases but with trial and error, you will eventually learn the ropes.

Health benefits

This delicious fungus is nutritious and has numerous health benefits associated with it. The word shiitake is Japanese and is applicable for those mushrooms which are in the shape of a flattened umbrella. At the same time, it has the added advantage of being tasty too. Texture wise it is meaty and cooking helps them to present their smoky flavors. You can raise your mushrooms with shiitake logs.

1. Using the right medium

You may be involved in the cultivation of these kinds of mushrooms. Even if you are operating under controlled conditions, they can be harvested within three or four months. You can avoid using natural logs. You can substitute this medium with a combination of rice hulls and oak sawdust. In some of the regions however trees do not shed their leaves in the winter season, so you can cut and inoculate shiitake logs throughout the whole year.

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