Salsa Dancing – Understanding the Different Styles

The LA style salsa has been developed in Los Angeles by the Vazquez bothers. It is a very linear form of dancing that incorporates the contemporary mambo basics (forward and backward movement) with a variation of the men breaking forward on count ‘1’. This type of dancing is known for its flashy moves and the dramatic movements with an extensive use of various dips, drops and tricks which are executed by the guys. Most of the movements in this dance pattern are created from cross body lead variations and footwork patterns. This creates a complicated set of speedy and jazzy footwork moves. The LA style of salsa incorporates many other forms of dancing, including the hip-hop and the jazz. This makes it very difficult for the dancers to perform, but makes a feast to the eye of the people watching it. It has very close resemblance to the New York style of salsa, which explains their incredibly diverse collection of moves, but they have their differences in their approach to the ebb, the styling and their flow of movement. If we take a close look at their way of dancing from an external window, we can easily point out the differences in their dancing forms. The New York style of salsa is composed of a more elegant and smoother look and feel for the dance, whereas the LA style of salsa dancing requires the dancers to give an incredible display of explosive tricks which would catch one’s attention at the split of a second. The execution of the movements is highly crisp and sharp with a vigorous appeal. The most distinctive feature of he LA style of Salsa is its quest for including the most difficult acrobatics within the dance and the outstanding amount of power the dancers denote to their performances on the stage.

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