Six Effective Tips to Cut Down Office Supplies Expenses

Are you spending a lot of bucks on purchasing office supplies? If so, you need to be vigilant when buying stationery products. Here are some effective tips that can help you control your expenditure when buying office supplies.

1. Avoid buying expensive brands: It is not always necessary to buy office supplies from a top brand. You can get the same good quality supplies from an affordable brand in the market, but at a considerably less cost. This will allow you the budget to invest in other needed materials or resources.

2. Avoid purchasing excessive amounts: Do not unnecessarily buy a large stock of only one office stationery item, or even a few items that you think may be used the most. If there is a large supply it can lead to wastage by employees, and give you an inaccurate account of actual usage. Identify the minimum requirement of these supplies and what you actually use, and then purchase accordingly.

3. Develop a regular order schedule for office supplies: If you are purchasing office supplies online, you can order them when you require them. Instead set up a regular order schedule for your office stationery items. A regular order schedule enables you to place orders appropriately, handle costs of deliveries, regulate your inventory and provide supplies to the employees as per their requirements.

4. Maintain good relations with suppliers: If you regularly buy your office supplies from some particular suppliers, build good relations with them. If you have an urgent order, they will try their best to supply you as soon as possible. Keep your suppliers informed of any changes that may affect your ordering of supplies, as they may have some cost-effective suggestions for a new ordering plan or for new supplies.

5. Keep a quarterly check on the requirement of stationery: a quarterly review of your office supplies usage and inventory will not help you to place appropriate, cost-effective orders, without buying excessive amounts of items nor having any shortages. If changes within the company occur, such as expansion, it will be easier to project future costs if you have a quarterly record as opposed to a yearly account.

6. Store your supplies safely: Keep your business stationery locked up in a specific area of your office to keep them safe and free from damage. Keep control on the issuing of supplies to your employees to prevent any misuse of them. This will save you money and supplies.

If you use these six effective techniques for managing your office stationery items, you can cut down purchasing expenses, and prevent wastage by the staff. You’ll be saving time, money and effort with these techniques.

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