Wellness Brings Sustainability to Business

I hear the word sustainable daily. I hear it in the food community. I hear it in the environmental community. I have heard it more and more in the business community. The reasons that sustainability is so important is something that crosses lines and has brought many groups together to focus on similar and combined efforts.

In other words, sustainability is important. The fact that so many of us hear about it, talk about and take action to improve it is proof that sustainability is something that we all care about. There are many ways to view sustainability, but there is no way to deny its importance.

Before we get too far down this road of philosophical discussion and comparisons between the various areas that sustainability comes into play, let’s define it.

Sustainability is:

1. The capacity to endure
2. The long-term maintenance of responsibility
3. The responsible management of resources and resource use
4. Managing impact

These definitions are clearly different, but they all touch on similar things. They talk about capacity, management, maintenance, resources and impact. These five words are what I think of when I think about sustainability. They are all important and you can’t succeed in any area without most if not all of these things. If even one is lacking, there will be severe consequences.

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