A Criminal Defense Attorney Is a Necessary Advocate

Everyday people are accused of crimes. It could be theft, burglary or even murder. There are even seemingly less dangerous crimes like driving with a suspended license. Whatever the case, a criminal defense attorney is necessary during the case. Some people disagree with this idea, however. They believe that all those who commit crimes should be thrown straight in jail. This is not a feasible option.

The first reason that everyone accused of a crime deserves to have a competent criminal defense attorney is because it is a part of his or her rights as an American. In this country everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So, to say that they should be thrown straight in jail is overlooking their rights. Even though people may not agree, that is just the way it is. Think about if you were in this situation. There’s a good chance you would want someone by your side that was able to help you through your trial.

Besides being able to help protect people’s rights, a criminal defense attorney can ensure that their clients get a fair sentence as well as a fair trial. Because of how complex trials can be, it is necessary to have someone there who can make sure the accused is given a fair shake. If not, the plaintiff’s lawyer can use the defendant’s lack of representation to their advantage. This type of attorney can also make sure the defendant gets a fair sentence.

Although no crime should be seen as irrelevant, there are some wrongs that just don’t warrant certain levels of punishment. For instance, a first time drug offender shouldn’t be sentenced to life imprisonment. Two high school students involved in a fistfight shouldn’t have to serve 10 years in jail. So, in order to prevent these types of situations from occurring a criminal defense attorney can diligently advocate for their client in hopes of winning them a sentence that properly coincides with the crime committed.

One of the most important reasons that this type of lawyer is necessary is because some people are wrongly accused. In this case it is absolutely necessary that help is sought. People are wrongly charged with crimes every day. Someone could’ve mistaken them for someone else or they could’ve chosen to flat out lie. In both of these situations, a professional is needed to help ensure that the defendant doesn’t have to serve jail time for something they did not do.

So, a criminal defense attorney can be an invaluable asset to those who are either rightly or wrongly accused of a crime. Contrary to what some people may believe, everyone deserves a fair trial, no matter what crime they may have committed.

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