Why You Should Start Your Online Business vs Offline Business – Part 2

Many of you would not even be thinking about this before you start a business, but you actually should; about the true mobility and portability of your business. i.e. How easy is it to take your business somewhere regionally different and still continue operating exactly the way it is?

Think about this, you have a wonderful retail shop space that is churning you millions a year. However, your child is attending college which is very far away. Or you have an aging parent who is bed-ridden and how you wish to be around them? How lovely would it be if you could move the store to where you would love to be, not lose your customers, maintain your costs and keep em all the way they are? With an online business, you can do exactly that. Whether you are relocating or even migrating to another part of the world entirely, your online business can continue running exactly the way it has been. After all, all that you would need is an internet connection and a computer. Truly, which other business medium can allow you to do so?

From Mumbai to Mexico, Madrid to Malaysia, travel all that lovely M

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