Writing a Biography

Writing a biography continues to be a popular way to share information about a subject. When writing a biography, you first need to choose an interesting subject. Famous people are often the subject of biographies, but an unknown or lesser known subject is fine too as long as the person is interesting. biography

For instance, you could write a biography about yourself, which technically is called an autobiography since “auto” means “self.” Even if you hire a biography ghostwriter to help you write, you can still call it an autobiography and have your name on the cover as the author.

When writing a biography, the narration does need to be interesting but it should also be completely accurate if it is going to be sold as a non-fiction biography or autobiography rather than historical fiction or fiction in general. The method adopted by two authors, to give an account of the same event, is likely to vary widely. Plenty of research goes into being able to craft a fascinating yet scholarly biography. When writing a biography, make sure to use reliable sources.

While you will likely cover the basic facts in short, just stating dry facts about somebody will fail to attract readership. Consider the turning points of your subject. Think of all the adjectives with which would best describe him or her, and what drove the person on or impeded his progress. An inventory of boring facts is hardly ever read. Instead, if this information is presented in an attractive way and interspersed with interesting information, it will be in far greater demand.

Consider the TV show “10 Things You Don’t Know About.” While this is just one way of writing a biography, it is successful because the screenwriters focus specifically on the lesser known aspects of the subject. Since the show is about well known and famous people in history, most people already have general knowledge of the person. Instead of a providing a dull biog

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