Pictures of Tattoos to Download & Print

Now you can find that tattoo design you’ve been dreaming of.

More and more people seem to have tattoos today and thankfully, due to advances in technology, technique and the amazing range of vivid colours used,real works of art, compared velocityhousing to the drab efforts you used to see on many men’s torsos are a common sight on both men and especially women. Up until the late 1960’s it was a rare thing to see a visible tattoo on a woman as it was deemed masculine and many considered it to be associated with the drugs culture or other sub-cultures. As with all things associated with a new generation it was frowned upon along with popular music and fashion. It would have been very difficult, until fairly recently, to be considered for a job with tattoos visible on the face, neck or lower arms. And even today perhaps understandably, many companies will not employ people who are heavily tattooed. Especially if you are dealing with the general public or working in the visual media.

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