Tribals of Jharkhand, India

Introduction: Jharkhand is a newly created state in Indian and it was carved out of the southern part of Bihar on 15th November 2000. The word “Jharkhand” is originated placemyad from original tribal language, which means land of Jungles. Jharkhand is considered as a rich state because of it minerals.

History: Jharkhand is separated from Bihar in 2000 but the movement started in early 1900s and since then the demand of separate state was alive. The good tribal rulers rule the area and are known as the Munda Raja. Munda raja are still existing in this region. During the Mughal Empire, the Jharkhand region was known as “Kukara” region. This area came under British after 1765 and known as “Jharkhand”. For more historical information on tribals of Jharkhand, India, please visit []

FLORA ADN FAUNA: Jharkhand state has a very rich variety of flora and fauna and the most famous is “Betla National Park” declared as “Project Tiger Reserves” in 1974. The Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is very similar to Betla National Park of Palamu.

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