My Comfort Zone – My Enemy?

People who do not know what a comfort zone is must suffer a terrible anxiety disorder or unmanaged pain problem; and they must have suffered this so long that they do not remember what it was like to feel comfortable. Thankfully, few of us fit into those shoes. In fact, I have never met such a person. I have one. I know when I am in it and I know when I am not. I like my sweet place. The same is probably true for you. Though our comfort zones are comforting, they can certainly become our enemy.

Probably none of us has sufficient control of our lives such that we can choose to live within our comfort zone exclusively. Circumstances of life can and do, at least occasionally, move us out of that place. Sometimes people (like parents, teachers, employers, friends and spouses) purposefully push or pull us out of our sweet spot.

Given the reasonable degree of control most of us have over our lives, it is clear that we do not exercise that control in the same direction or with the same passion. Some people are obviously comfortable with stuff that I would never choose to do. Evel Knievel comes to mind.

Knievel entertained millions of people during his 15 years of public performances. On a motorcycle, he performed over 75 ramp-to-ramp jumps over all kinds of objects including cars, buses and shark tanks. One failed attempt to jump the Snake River in a steam-powered rocket resulted in minor injuries but was very nearly fatal. If the rocket had landed in the river instead of near the river edge, Knievel would have surely drowned due to a mechanical failure of his harness mechanism.

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