The Various Uses of Airsoft Guns

People use airsoft guns for many reasons and activities. For instance, some people shoot cans in their backyard, some hold airsoft wars against friends, and others join teams to participate in organized combat simulations. The purpose of your airsoft gun should be an important factor when purchasing one.

Speed and versatility are not necessary airsoft gun characteristics when simply shooting targets (also known as “plinking”). In fact, a cheap, low maintenance spring pistol will do just fine for this type of activity. You can get away with buying a pistol based on how attractive you find it when you’re not using it for anything other than plinking.

Spring shotguns and automatic electric guns are good airsoft guns for activities like backyard wars because they both have high rates of fire. Spring shotguns will release pellets as fast as you can pump the gun and are relatively inexpensive.

The automatic electric gun (AEG) has an even faster firing rate than the shotgun and is relatively more expensive. The rounds per minute (RPM) of AEGs are comparable to those of actual assault rifles and can accommodate sniping as well as rapid fire. Aside from the actual gun being more expensive than other models, it can be costly using AEGs as you go through far more pellets in an average session.

If you want a high firing rate but it’s not in your budget to buy an automatic electric gun, you can always go for the lower end LPEG (low-powered electric gun). This much cheaper airsoft gun still has a high firing rate; however it doesn’t have the same feet per second (FPS) rates as AEGs do.

Those who are on airsoft teams will tell you that it is not a cheap hobby by any means. Not only do airsoft team players require the highest quality guns in order to perform their best, they also need to invest heavily in equipment that protects them and enhances their abilities in their specified positions (the positions being riflemen, snipers, support gunners, and grenadiers). For example, sniper positions require high precision sniper rifles with a minimum FPS of 400ft and extra optics whereas a rifleman’s position requires a high quality automatic electric gun with a high capacity magazine. These two airsoft team positions are the least expensive.

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