House Siding

There are many types of house siding that could be used for new homes and remodeled homes.  best wood primer

One of which is wood siding. Wood siding is the common type used in most homes since it is the cheapest and readily available product. It has long life span and uses different types of wood materials. Top woods use for wood siding are pine, fir and various other materials. Popular today are cedar shingles or rougher looking shakes which gives warmth and class in a house.

Another popular type of siding is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding’s shape come from the traditional wooden siding style. Most of this type of siding looks like clapboard or ship-lap. It can also be installed to get a cedar shingles look.

Although not really considered a type of house siding, bricks are not structural and look good and homey with the earth and chimney feel.
Free exterior coverings could be achieved by using combination of half brick and half vinyl siding.

Benefits of various materials

Good thing about using wood siding is its aesthetic however it requires high maintenance of staining or painting every few years.

Being trouble free, cheap and long life span are the reasons why vinyl became a popular choice for house owners looking for best siding type. Also, vinyl could be installed by the homeowners themselves as it does not require specialized knowledge on how installation is done. Strong points of bricks are it last forever and won’t break like vinyl. It also cost less when it comes to installation.

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