Who Had More Ethics, Democrats or Republicans?

Luckily, all of my five closest neighbors are true Americans who believe in the Constitution, the United States and the freedoms and liberties we stand for – thus, they are all Republicans or Libertarians leaning right (I am one of the latter). Unfortunately, speaking out and exercising your right to free speech isn’t so easy in Southern California. My neighbors have had political signs for local Republican politicians stolen off their property or vandalized. I’ve had signs stolen, stakes broken and signs knocked over – sometimes early in the morning, sometimes after dark.

I assume the signs brought down in the morning are from liberal-socialists walking their dogs in the morning, and the signs taken down at night done by spiteful leftists who won’t afford me the same opportunity to involve myself in the political process as they demand I afford them. I am tired of the hypocrisy, tired of being called a racist (I am not). Turns out this is not just a left-coast thing, it’s happening also on the East Coast, in the Boston Area where people are tearing down campaign signs for Donald trump.

Who is the left trying to fool? Demanding politically correct talk, demanding that I adjust my speech to their approved narrative – folks, that isn’t free speech, that’s coercion and if I was to speak out of turn at the office, I could lose my job, but they can spew hate speech for Donald Trump across the land, at our schools, agencies, Universities, corporations, even at Starbucks. Why do we have a double-standard, and how is this acceptable – how does this fit into our rights as citizens – how come our ethics are challenged by those who disagree?

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