Effective Styles of Leadership

The nature of today’s business world produces constant change. Strong leadership skills are required to handle potential challenges with intelligence, diplomacy, and efficiency. Every leader exhibits talent in a variety of ways and no one method of leading is better than another. In fact, every individual can lead to a certain degree but not all leaders are effective (Glanz, 2002). Generally, charismatic visionary leaders that demonstrate a personable style tend to experience higher levels of success. This class of strong leadership copes with change, delivers guidance, and institutes direction by communicating a vision that motivates enthusiasm.

These kinds of transformational leaders propagate trust, encourage development leadership skills in others, exhibit self-sacrifice and serve as moral representatives. They focus on objectives that transcend their own immediate needs (Baack, 2012). In addition, they increase performance and fulfillment levels in their organization by communicating a vision and building a bond with staff members. They are able to combine personal capability, group skills, managerial aptitudes and motivational proficiency with individual humility and professional determination.

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