Office Theft Viewed By Employees As Parts Of Perks According To Study

Office theft is an act of taking home office supplies for personal purposes. The act is common in almost all offices as many employees take home bond papers, pens, software, snacks and even drinks from the office fridge from time to time. What is alarming with it is that many employees do not view office theft as a negative thing but rather a “guilt-free right”. This was discovered in a recent study conducted by the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST).

According to the result of the FAST survey which was carried out in two hundred UK-based companies, a staggering 86% of the respondents said that the act does not actually make them a thief nor does it make them guilty of the act. Based on the office workers’ responses, stealing from their office supplies constitute the perks of the job.

FAST also released the list of the top ten materials that are usually the subject of office theft. Pens top the list with 82%. Most employees admitted regularly taking home pens from the office. Then, pens are followed by Post-it notes with a figure of 65%. Next, blank discs make up 33%, paper for printing is at 21% followed by notebooks at 21%. Software and digital content scored 16% each. Surprisingly, 15% confirmed taking home tea bags and 11% admitted taking out toilet papers.

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