BlackBerry 8820 – A Phone With Expensive Looks But Affordable Cost

As far as the ‘innovative media’ is concerned, it has actually taken many years for the decisive masses to understand how these innovations would effect their lifestyle. Nowadays, the advancement in technology has supported people to communicate one-to-one very easily. All the myths became a hard reality with the advent of wireless communication.

Now when brands are concerned Nokia is the most preferred in the market. This brand has actually created a strong position in the market with its durability and mobility feature. Moreover, whenever any model is launched by this brand people assume it would come enhanced with certain high-end features. As such, every model from this brand succeeds to astir the mobile community at ease. The latest Nokia 6500 Classic is yet another stylish handset from this domain.

The Nokia 6500 Classic handset has been enhanced with 2 mega pixel camera to facilitate your photography passion. with this camera phone you can capture and store far, close, still and moving images very easily. However, this camera phone has been adorned with extra camera features such as flash. This additional features would support you to capture and store clear and bright images without any hassle. Moreover, with this camera phone you can record video clips too.

Its scintillating 2 inches TFT screen has the capability to display images with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Moreover, to enhance the visual clarity the images would be supported with 16 million colours. This mobile phone is enhanced with various feature-rich options, still it weighs just 94 gms and comes with dimensions 109.8 x 45 x 9.5 mm. The 1 GB memory of this hand

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