How to Monetize Your Tech Blog or Site

If you are an owner of a tech site or blog then you already know that next to porn the biggest market on the internet is Technology. There are a lot of searches everyday for technology related terms and many tech blogs and sites are out there offering a wealth of information and opportunity for their webmasters..

The problem for tech webmasters is that viewers of technology sites are often blind to ads and just focus on the articles or news that they are reading. Most people will tell you that if you have a story dug you will likely not be able to make any money off all of that traffic because Digg users are “ad blind”.

There are many factors to think about when monetizing your blog but I thought that a list of tips that you can focus on and implement in the next hour would probably be the best thing that I could offer so here they are:

1. Don’t use Google AdSense at all

If there is any type of advertising that tech people are actually blind to it has got to be AdSense. We see AdSense ads everywhere and usually the exact same ads because the topics we will look at are similar. Don’t waste the space on your site with this.

2. Keep ads as close to the content as possible and blend them

Try to get into the head of your reader. Let’s say someone is looking through Google for a solution to some problem and hit your page. That user will scan the article looking for keywords and if it is interesting will continue to read through the rest of the text. You need your advertising close to get an eyeball close enough to see the ad even.

3. Find content specific advertising

Go off to Tiger Direct or Think Geek and join their affiliate program and then in your pages offer specific items that your viewers will be interested in. One of the best ways to offer these products is through text hyperlinks within your content.

4. Offer articles with solutions

Stories of problems and the fixes that you offered as a solution are a great topic for you to use as content and in my tech blog I have done this as well in the past. As well as being a very satisfying way of sharing your knowledge it also offers you the opportunity to show a solution using a product that you are an affiliate for.

5. Write good solution based reviews

No one likes to just be sold in a review for a product. If you can review a product using solutions to problems that if offers as well as strengths compared to other products on the market then your review will mean a lot more to your readers.

6. Study the market

Now that you know this information look around. With other sites, what looks like it would work? What products would be great ones to promote or affiliate with? Do the research to see if you can offer products that you like somehow.

As you can see I have used none of these tactics so far on this blog. All that I ask is that you subscribe to my tips and hopefully one day in the future I will have the opportunity to steer you to a product that you can buy through me.

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