What Office Chair Should I Choose?

If your job requires you to sit behind a desk all day whether it’s as a receptionist or secretary, an administrator, a telemarketer, or a writer, your number one concern should be your body posture, as it relates to comfort. These jobs often require one to engage in activities that warrants the attention span for extended periods of continuity. The repercussion can oftentimes result in minor or even major aches and pains or injuries to different parts of the body. This is why it is so important that with as much attention as we give to the task that we are performing; the same or even more concern should be given to the degree of comfort that we are willing to expose our bodies to at any given time.

While the office furniture market is flooded with different models, makes, and designs of office chairs, you must think in terms of which chair will give you the most comfort, durability, and cost benefits. Look no further, listed below you will find the top five office chairs, offering these features.

• Sayl chair. This latest innovative office chair appeals to a wide range of people, sizes, weights and taste. Its new full back suspension support is engineered with a built in passive back structure which gives vital support where it’s most needed together with excellent freedom of movement. This chair comes in basic mode, adjustable model, and highly adjustable model. It carries a Tough Herman Miller’s 12 year 24/7 warranty.

• Via Riva Ergonomic Chair. Via’s Riva chair is a high performance ergonomic office chair. It appeals to people who like the conventional foam seat and back. Special features includes a seat slider allowing users to adjust the seat’s depth to fit their leg length and synchronized action which is able to move the seat and back in a more natural way, providing better body support when reclining. It is available in 3 seat sizes and 2 back options.

• Izzy+ Bailey Task Chair. This is a good quality competitively priced office task chair. It is well suited for people who desire a more traditional chair having conventional foam seat pan and back. The chair comes in a basic and multi- function form, the multi having a seat slider. Because of its height adjustment range, this chair will work well for individuals with short legs and can support weight up to 250 lbs. The core components are covered by a 10-year warranty.

• Celle® Chair. The Celle® chair is a good choice for people who seemi

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