What to Wear on a Motorcycle?

We know that big thrills are associated with big risks. And this applies to riding a motorcycle as well. Wearing the right gear can help you prevent a serious injury. Therefore, you may want to invest in quality protective gear and use it before you get on your motorcycle. Given below is a description of important gear that you should buy and use. Read on.

Pants and Jackets

Wearing pants and a thick jacket will secure your skin in case of an accident. Ideally, the fabric should be durable, such as leather. If possible, put on a jacket that is designed for motorcyclists.

Aside from this, you can also put on body armor beneath the jacket. Make sure that the armor can satisfy the safety standards.

Avoid: A Dress or Skirt

Although you may like to wear a flowy skirt and a leather jacket, it can be quite dangerous. Remember: pants are your safest option when riding a motorbike.

Use a Helmet

You can find different types of helmets these days. If you are a new rider, we suggest that you invest in a helmet based on your consultation with your local expert. This will help you choose the right size and style based on your head shape and need.

If this is your first ride, we suggest that you rent a helmet from a local gear shop. For protection, make sure that the thing can fit snugly. You can try out different types of helmets at the shop. Make sure you choose the right one.

Avoid: Dark Clothing

It’s not a good idea to wear dark clothing, especially if you need to ride your motorbike at night. Ideally, the jacket you are going to wear should feature reflective stripes. In the same way, your helmet should have reflective patches or stripes on it. This will help other riders or drivers see you easily at night.

Motorcycle Boots

Most motorcyclists want to wear cool and stylish boots when they are riding. However, stylish and cool shouldn’t be the only features of your boots that you should focus on. Aside from this, your boots should also be solid and sturdy.

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