Web Design, Social Networking, Blogging and Beyond!

The internet is constantly evolving. You must learn to evolve with it. If you want to make money online, it doesn’t always come easy. You have to earn it. There are many ways to promote your business using good web design, social networking, blogging and strong marketing principles. I recommend building your web presence slowly and steadily. Sometimes this can be boring. Especially at first when you’re looking at all the other sites and videos with hundreds of thousands of views and wondering why can’t that be me? Don’t be discouraged though. Everyone has to start somewhere. You may want to hire someone to design and market your products or services for you.

I can recommend many social networking sites to put profiles on such as twitter, MySpace, Facebook, friendster, tribe, bebo, and many others. You don’t want to appear as though you are just trying to sell something though. Usually, it’s a good idea to make it really personal and fun for people. Use a lot of pictures and tell an interesting story. Then you have links to your website and share your business proposition from there. It’s a good idea not to just come right out with a sales pitch. That can really turn people off these days, although you do want to lead people down a path to finding out more about you.

You are the best selling point for your business. You need to embrace who you are and what you are selling if you want your business to be successful. Websites share an experience with people that will either inspire them or not. I like to focus on conscious arts for example. People who are interested in conscious arts are interested in working with me therefore.

I recommend making all your media and marketing geared towards attracting like minded people. If people like you then they will naturally want to help you out whenever possible with recommendations to their friends. Social networking is like going to a party. You don’t go in there and just start blabbing about what you have for sale. That is not very attractive to anyone. The best thing to do is go make some friends, and they will learn what you do after they get to know you. Inspire people by not trying to sell right off the bat. Wait until people show interest in what you do before you invite them back to your website. That is where you keep most the detailed information about what you’re offering.

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