The Latest News on Multi-Stage Acne

For years, dermatologists have known that benzoil peroxide was the most powerful acne fighting medicine that was available in over the counter topical acne treatment products. However; what people who used these products containing benzoil peroxide also knew, was that this powerful acne medicine had some unwanted side effects.

Dried Out Skin

One of the unfortunate side effects of benzoil peroxide was that it tended to lower the ph of the skin and leave it mildly acidic and dried out. As it turns out, dried out skin also means dried out pore openings that can’t function properly and are left stuck open.

A Vicious Cycle of Treatments and Side Effects

More open pore openings meant more vulnerability to acne causing bacteria which meant more frequent treatments with products containing benzoil peroxide. So, sure the acne problem was lessened but the skin on the face was left looking like a scorched chemical warfare battlefield which it essentially was.

Finding Adequate Solutions

The problem was in negating the side effects of the treatment without negating the substance (benzoil peroxide) that was delivering the treatment. Another challenge of improving on benzoil peroxide treatment products, was making benzoil peroxide more soluble so it would function quicker and not have to be left on the skin so long.

Three Steps to Effectively Treating Acne

What was developed as the solution to these problematic side effects of benzoil peroxide was new multi-staged treatment products that are usually three step systems. The skin is first treated with a specially formulated soluble benzoil peroxide containing cleanser. After that, the skin is then treated to stop the harsh side effects of the benzoil peroxide. Lastly, a topical lotion, specifically formulated for acne effected skin is applied to protect the skin and replace lost moisture.

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