To Blog Or Not to Blog

Blogs are changing the way we interact with others. Blogs are changing the traditional way newspapers, TV and film is presented. Blogs can expose inaccurate reporting, or omissions made by mainstream media sources, along with communicating events as they are happening. Blogs influence what people buy and what people watch on network and cable TV. Blogs allow people to do their own research and fact finding. A blog can provide commentary on a subject, or it can be personal entries. A blog can include text, images, videos and other links to other websites. Blogs are part of a blogosphere, which is a social network that connects communities and ideas around the world. Blogs allow you, the reader, to leave comments on others blogs and interact with people over the world.

There are many types of blogs and more types of blogs are evolving every day. An example are artblogs which are blogs that use art work instead of text. They can be any type of visual art such as images, music, sketches and drawings. Artblogs are about posting art work as a blog, not a blog talking about art. With the introduction of artblogs, artists from anywhere in the world can publicize their work. Artblogs can help other artists create and evolve with their work and connect to others through art. There are warblogs are blogs about news events covering the war. Iraqi people blogged about the bombings and attacks, and gained a wide audience. Soldiers from both sides posted to blogs perspectives and viewpoints of the war. These blogs became the ‘new’ news source about the war. Sometimes warblogs continue after the end of a war to discuss political, social and cultural issues of a war where they become political blogs called Poliblogs. Poliblogs are very powerful discussions of major political issues and can even influence presidential elections. MP3blogs, also called Musicblogs or Audioblogs, are blogs where mp3 files of music are available for download. MP3blogs also discuss all types of music, and generally include links to music artists’ websites. There are other visual logs, such as Videoblogs where the content is mainly video. Popular Videoblogs are YouTube, which are generally individual videos, and Lonelygirl15, which is a series video. There are also Photoblogs, which are similar to Videoblogs, but are primarily photos. Photoblogs are increasing in number, and becoming more popular to be able to share globally because pictures can speak a universal language.

People blog for many reasons. They can blog to persuade, to influence, or to have a personal voice. Some want to leave a record of being here, to leave history of their lives or an event. Others want to share their creativity, and learn from others creative endeavors. Some people blog to attain or trade something. Blogs can be in the form of advertising a product or to tell a negative story about a product, or perhaps to review a product. People blog to inspire others, or support a particular organization or social cause. For some, blogging is about connecting with people, having social interactions with others. Some bloggers blog to make money. Blogs can be a form of way of criticizing what the media has already written. It can also be a form a giving different opinion of traditional media that may be biased.

Blogs can add new voices, new perspectives and possibly new facts to current events. People no longer need to wait for an editor, or a big media source to publish their stories. Bloggers are people who are not professional journalists and are not constrained by deadlines or editors. Bloggers can sometimes be ahead of the news and journalists can look at the bloggers to get insight or additional information for their stories, using them as sources.

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