That’s the principle: if you have it in any area of life and don’t use it (or use it rather foolishly)

If you are looking for a change, and you want a way to improve your own life and take control of your own destiny, then the Science of Quantum Abundance is for you. Read on to find out about how you can use this new science to change your destiny.

The Science of Quantum Abundance is the practice of using the power of your subconscious to drastically change your level of success in life. By using your mind to guide you and with laser-focus towards a particular goal, you will learn when to act on certain opportunity impulses that you notice each day.

Quantum Abundance teaches us how to know when you should focus on certain opportunities and when you should avoid them, all based upon your goals. The universe likes speed, so it is critical that you act on your ideas as soon as you get them. If you wait too long, your brilliant idea will be used up by someone else.

In order to get exactly what you want in life, you first must have specific, measurable goals. You have to live, eat, sleep, breathe these goals and want them so bad that you would almost do anything to achieve them. The Science of Quantum Abundance will not work if you are not 100% committed to your goal. Once you have these goals, and keep them in your mind at all times, what you think about becomes your reality. You will start to notice new opportunities in your life that you need to act upon immediately in order to continue working towards your goal. As you complete your goals, you can add even bigger goals and continue to use the Science of Quantum Abundance to achieve each one.

Have you ever wondered about that scripture in Matthew 13:12 that reads: “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them” (NIV)?’

I think some people may feel this has to do with the needy and the poor, and it really doesn’t. I also think some people see this as a sentence of condemnation, and it’s totally not. It’s a very empowering word of encouragement for us to become more excellent.

This scripture first has to do with us receiving the word God gives and the gifts he gives with an attitude of “YES, I receive that and I will produce from it“! (So when you read it, say “Yes” to it- even if you don’t fully understand it- and ask God to show you how to grow from it.)

It also applies to the kinds of stewards we are and should be with the things we’ve been given. If we are wise with our blessings, we will get more, both from the way things naturally work, as well as from God.

Just think of it as good managers being rewarded, and doors of greater opportunity opening up to those who have made the effort to go through previous doors.

If we want more (more wisdom, more opportunities, more money, more key connections, more branches of our ministry), we have to be wise and responsible with what we have now. If we are not wise, our own frivolous actions will cause us to lose what we have.

In addition, if we are inclined to throw precious resources away, why would God throw more at us? Those who use resources wisely, he blesses with more.

Let’s say for example someone has a lot of money to give to a nonprofit, a ministry, or a community service group. They will likely give to an organization that is doing important, responsible, and noteworthy things with their resources, and making those resources go far.

In the same way, God will fully bless us personally when we are responsible and trustworthy with what he has already given.

By the way, as an aside, the scripture above is not a tool to use to judge whether or not we should help those in need. We should always do that; and the poor are always with us. The quote above has to do with us personally and our everyday walk in this world.

When we are wise and responsible with our resources – including friendships, jobs, money, opportunities, clients, customers, family, material things- more will come to us. It’s a natural law of sowing and reaping. It’s also a spiritual law of excellence.

On the other hand, when we are irresponsible with our own money, friendships, material items, resources, etc, we seem to lose them easily and squander them senselessly.

Do you want to prosper so you can bless many? Be an excellent steward of what you have now.

You were created for excellence, and you certainly have the grace available to be excellent in all that you say and do. Start small, believe it’s for you, and you will grow in excellence, meaning more will be added to what you already have.

Simple Action: Take a loving, unjudgmental look at your life to see where you are not being fully trustworthy, fruitful, and responsible with your personal resources.

In the areas where we see we can improve, let’s up-level quickly, so that we will be blessed with more, for the purpose of blessing, influencing, and helping more and more people.

So much of what we produce in this life depends on our choices each day and on how we partner with God. The “taken away” part of this principle is not necessarily God taking something away; our own foolishness, laziness, and squandering will cause us to lose ground and forfeit the resources we’ve had right in our hands at one time (and there are plenty of foolish “birds” around to help us do it).

The bright hope in all of this is that we can START NEW, RIGHT NOW.

TODAY you can live your life more purposefully and gratefully, and you can ask for a new seed (a new resource) with which to showcase your diligence and appreciation. I’m sure you already have a few of these seeds lying around. Plant them so more will grow. It’s not too late.

– If you think you need a new car, it’s not too late to clean up the one you have now and check the oil.

– If you think you need a new job, it’s not too late to do your best at work today.

– If you think you need more money, it’s not too late to give a little of what you have now to your church or a person in need.

– If you think you need better relationships, it’s not too late to show sincere love to those in your life now, and quit keeping score or judging all that they do.

– If you think you need more influence and impact, it’s not too late to NOT talk behind peoples’ backs or cut down the good works of others.

– If you think you want more success, it’s not too late to DECIDE to be sincerely happy for the small and great successes of others.

– If you think you want health and well being, it’s not too late to take a five- minute walk today or eat some veggies instead of doubling down on potatoes or bread.

– If you think you want to be full of joy, it’s not too late to love others, even those who tend to be annoying or somewhat controversial.

That’s the principle: if you have it in any area of life and don’t use it (or use it rather foolishly), you will begin to lose it until one day it’s gone. If you have it and begin to use it, little by little it will increase.

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