The Death of Business Landlines For Small Enterprises

Business landlines are soon becoming a thing of the past. But are small businesses really willing to put them into oblivion and welcome VOIP technology and business mobile phones for their small businesses?

Nowadays, more and more consumers are giving up their business landlines in exchange for handy mobile phones and internet based phones to pave a way for more fiscal efficiency. However, some of them consider the switch quite tricky.

Regardless whether you are an established business or just a startup enterprise deciding on some alternatives for your business landline systems and dumping your business landline is never an easy option, and money isn’t an all-too important consideration.

One major reason is the fact that landlines offer steadfast and constant availability for they do not rely on an internet connection or a very robust network signal for one to make calls. This is an important consideration whenever the weather is bad, especially during a storm, where the only thing that might work for timely communication is your business landline.

Next consideration is the voice quality. There is practically no background noise if you work with your business landline where you can expect your conference calls to be crisper and clearer. But the ultimate question is whether the business landline is heading an untimely demise? Or people are just looking for something fresh and new to add to their old business landline?

To help you come up with a decision whether or not you have to ditch your business landline for good, we have outlined four major considerations to consider VOIP and mobile phones as against your customary business landline.

Cost Efficiency

The leading factor that made VOIP so attractive to many entrepreneurs worldwide is cost. Because VOIP is so cost efficient, more and more business owners are tempted to dump their business landlines in exchange for a high end VOIP phone systems in their business offices. Although VOIP plans are way practical in terms of lower monthly fees, making use of mobile phones at the office does away with extra fees of paying for two phone systems.

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